Our Mission

enviroCOP, LLC® provides professional guidance and assistance in complying with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) regulations.  You work directly with retired senior NJDEP managers, with over 120 years of combined environmental compliance experience, to help you with today’s tough environmental and sustainability challenges. At enviroCOP, we believe there is more than one way to comply. enviroCOP can identify your options, assess feasibility and help your company select the best compliance strategy for your business.  Through our broad categories of support services, enviroCOP can provide the guidance, assistance and support you need today. 


Environmental Compliance and Regulatory Consulting

  • Professional, experienced, offering the following compliance guidance services:

    • NJDEP Air Pollution consulting,

      • Permitting

      • Permit Modeling & Risk Assessments

      • Net benefit modeling for non-attainment

      • Affirmative Defense

      • Federal Common Control

      • Ozone forecasting & meteorology

      • Risk minimization

      • Annual Emission Statements

      • SIP preparation

    • RCRA and Hazardous Waste consulting,

    • Used Oil consulting,

    • Solid Waste consulting,

    • Recycling consulting,

    • Radiation consulting, and

    • Stormwater consulting.

  • Corporate audit team support.

  • Making sense of your NJDEP compliance data.

  • NJDEP Regulatory meeting facilitation.

  • NJDEP and Federal enforcement process guidance consulting.

  • NJDEP Settlement negotiations consulting.

Environmental Stewardship and Corporate Sustainability Consulting

  • NJDEP Supplemental Environmental Projects (SEPs) consulting.

  • Practical experience in the development and implementation of sustainable practices consulting.

  • Provide assistance with listing your business under the NJ Sustainable Business Registry

  • Provide assistance with listing and increasing your business's listing on the NJDEP Environmental Stewardship registry.

I’ve known and worked with Wolf Skacel for nearly 20 years at the NJDEP. A man of total integrity and hard work, his knowledge of environmental compliance is unmatched. We would not hesitate to hire Wolf and his team to assist us at Bayshore Recycling.
— Gary Sondermeyer, Vice President of Operations at Bayshore Recycling
I have worked with Wolf numerous times over the last 10 years. Wolf brings to our company a wealth of knowledge and experience from working at the NJDEP. His insight and innovative solutions, while remaining an advocate for the environment, have made him invaluable to the growth of my company.
— Adam Zellner, President at Greener By Design