Frequently Cited NJDEP Air Pollution Violations
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Frequently Cited NJDEP Air Pollution Violations


The attached list are the most common violations you can expect when NJDEP performs Air Pollution compliance inspections and investigations at facilities throughout New Jersey.  These are easy to avoid if you keep two things in mind:

  • Read and understand your draft and final permits.  Don’t simply throw them in a file without taking the time to thoroughly read these documents.  If something is unclear or not attainable, the time to act and contact the NJDEP is during the draft permit review process, when changes can still be made.  Once a permit is final, you are obligated to comply regardless of the cost to your company unless or until your current permit can be modified.
  • Don’t bring a new piece of equipment or modify an existing piece of equipment without first finding out if a new Air Pollution Control Permit to Construct and Certificate to Operate is needed and obtained.  You expose your company to significant penalties if you make modifications to equipment or bring new equipment on your site without first obtaining required permits.

As former NJDEP regulators, enviroCOP Associates are here to help you with your environmental compliance challenges.  We bring extensive regulatory experience to your company to help you achieve and maintain compliance and avoid costly penalties.  Give us a call today to discuss your compliance concerns!