Environmental Incident Notifications to NJDEP
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Environmental Incident Notifications to NJDEP

NJDEP Notification

An emergency incident at your facility or location can be a particularly stressful time for a manager or supervisor on duty.  Having a well thought out written emergency plan, that has been reviewed with employees and that has been practiced through drills is a critical.  Emergency phone numbers and contact information for State, Federal, County and local response agencies and emergency cleanup contractors are also critically important information to have on hand prior to any emergency event.

One area often overlooked during an emergency is the notification to the NJDEP Hotline.  You must notify NJDEP within 15 minutes of a release or spill of a hazardous substance or air pollutant.  Failure to notify could expose your facility to significant penalties by NJDEP.  Something else to consider when notifying NJDEP of an incident is whether or not the incident was the result of an equipment malfunction or unintentional release.  If so, you may qualify for penalty relief.  If you are seeking an Affirmative Defense there are specific time lines identified in the regulations and environmental permits that you must meet.  Here at enviroCOP we have prepared a short summary of these requirements that you can include with your emergency plan.

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