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enviroCOP, LLC® is the “Go To” company for professional guidance and assistance in environmental decision-making and corporate sustainability. enviroCOP is composed of former New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) senior managers with almost 100 years of regulatory knowledge who provide a broad range of environmental compliance experiences to companies facing today’s tough environmental and sustainability challenges. At enviroCOP, we believe there is more than one way to comply. enviroCOP can identify your options, assess feasibility and help your company select the best compliance strategy that optimizes your business plan. enviroCOP works with individuals and companies who are committed to their communities, sustainability, and minimizing their impact on the environment. Through our broad categories of support services, enviroCOP can provide the guidance, assistance and support you need today.

Wolf Skacel, C.H.M.M. (DEP)(President)

Wolf is a national leader in environmental enforcement. He has a demonstrated record of significant environmental accomplishments at the Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) spanning 29 years, and served as Assistant Commissioner for Compliance & Enforcement – New Jersey’s top enviroCOP. Wolf’s key strengths are his ability to work collaboratively to negotiate and resolve complex environmental issues involving multiple environmental programs and to create innovative, global settlements that resolve complex, multi-program enforcement actions. Many of these settlements embodied Supplemental Environmental Projects. Wolf’s diverse enforcement background work includes Water Pollution, Coastal & Land Use, Pesticides, Air Pollution, Solid & Medical Waste Management, Hazardous Waste Management, Underground Storage Tank Inspections, and Local Environmental Management (CEHA).

Ed Choromanski (DEP)(Associate)

Ed is a recognized leader in multi-media environmental compliance and enforcement. He recently retired, after a distinguished 37 year career at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection having served as the Director of the Air and Hazardous Materials Compliance and Enforcement Program. Ed has extensive technical expertise in assessing, testing, and monitoring of air pollution emissions and impacts from a range of facilities. He has in depth knowledge of both state and federal requirements and regulations impacting a range of facilities from gas stations, dry cleaners and general manufacturing facilities to complex solid waste facilities, hazardous waste treatment/storage/disposal facilities, wastewater treatment facilities and large petrochemical refineries. In addition, Ed brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in negotiation and resolution of complex environmental compliance cases that include, Supplemental Environmental Projects, the development of alternative compliance strategies, and Environmental Management Systems.

Dr. Jill Lipoti (DEP)(Associate)

Dr. Lipoti, who retired from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection after a remarkable 27 year career, is a nationally recognized expert in the areas of nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness, environmental radiation, radioactive waste, risk communication, and outreach and policy. She currently serves as a member of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement, a Congressionally chartered organization composed of the Nation’s top 100 leaders in radiation protection. Dr. Lipoti has chaired the Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, and was the recipient of its highest award, as well as lifetime membership in the organization. Because of her leadership at the state level, she was asked to chair the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board’s Radiation Advisory Committee. At NJDEP, Jill formerly served as Director of the Division of Environmental Safety and Health, and subsequently, as Director of Water Monitoring and Standards. Dr. Lipoti was named as the “Goal Owner” for the Barnegat Bay Action Plan, one of the Governor’s priorities for the Department, where she spearheaded the largest synoptic water-monitoring project to date on the Barnegat Bay. The monitoring took place before and after Superstorm Sandy rearranged the coastline, and provided valuable data for water quality decision-making.

Debra Hammond (DEP)(Associate)

Debra has more than 30 years of experience in the Water Monitoring, NPDES Permitting, and Planning Programs at the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. Debra has extensive experience in developing water quality monitoring plans, conducting sampling, analyzing results and publishing Water Quality Inventory Reports. In addition to developing New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) permits, Debra developed and successfully helped to defend the original permit fee program and integrated the Clean Water Enforcement Act requirements into the NJPDES System to automate compliance. Debra created and implemented policies to protect exceptional waterways, promote wastewater reuse and groundwater recharge, and reduce excessive nutrients in the state’s Water Quality Standards. As the New Jersey Water Quality Standards Manager, she participated in several national workgroups to improve the implementation of the National Water Quality Standards Program.